Top Quality
and Modern Technology

For a yacht at such a reputable level, we bring the utmost respect to the rules and regulations of this specific sector.

Many are the details that make a difference on “La principessa dei Draghi”, being one of the most prestigious in its sector.

Wood worked interiors

A dining lounge which is spacious

4 double cabins

Plenty of storage and compartments

The kitchen is very functional

Come and visit Italy and the beautiful Mediterranean
in an exciting and unique way!

Live to the fullest on Italian waters in our state of the art catamaran equipped
with all of the best comforts, cabins with queen size beds and private bathrooms.

Smooth in sailing and in tacking, thanks to the double rudders which provide a sensation of unity in movement onboard.

Cabins that combine comfort and security, in which it is possible to move in a leisurely way equipped with an open space dining lounge.

Stairs located in the middle of the boat give easy and comfortable access to cabins and deck.


The kitchen is in the form of a U and it is very functional. Adorned with plenty of drawers and containers it opens right into the lounge.

The incredible cartography table (2 different set-ups) gives an individual plenty of work space along with abundant space for laptops.

All the bathrooms are equipped with necessities and a shower. Ventilation on the boat is quite efficient.

Do not loose the occasion of an incredible and unique experience!

Spaces and Comforts

Characteristics and Specifics

  • Total length: 13.47m (Approx. 44 ft)

  • Length above waterline: 12.20m (Approx. 40 ft)

  • Max. width: 6.81m (Approx. 20ft)

  • Free space on deck – under the beams / front and rear of boat

  • 4 double cabins + 1 or 2 singles beds. In total 8-10 beds – 4 bathrooms

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